Think of 5 children that you know.images2 Chances are, one of them is going to have a mental health disorder before they reach the age of 18. More than 20 percent of children in our country are struggling with their mental health. The newest research indicates that many people with mental health disorders first started experiencing symptoms in childhood. In half of all people with anxiety, it began before they were 11 years old. Only about 20 percent of children struggling with their mental health get any help with it.
We can do something about that!

Mental Health America wants to change the way we think about our mental health. In the same way that we understand physical illnesses to exist in stages (such as stages of cancer,) we can understand our challenges with mental health to exist at different stages. It is much easier to treat illnesses at stage 1 than at stage 4. Here is how they illustrate it:

Why wait 10 years to get help?  Take a free, confidential online screening here:



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