Taking Care

As parents, we need to take care of ourselves well.  Caring for children, especially children with disabilities, can leave us drained, exhausted, or even sick.  Sometimes we feel burned-out.  If we are not able to take care5024779134_c8e91197e9_o of ourselves well, we will not be able to provide the kind of care we want to, the kind that images (8)nurtures resilience in us and in our children.  We need to get enough sleep.  We need to eat well, and be physically active.  We need to find joyful moments to participate in, and we need to tend to the social connections, friends and family, who support us.  Dr. Mona Delahooke has a video on Kids in the House recommending just such things:


Dr. Mona Delahooke is a pediatric psychologist and parent. Her passion is translating the latest neuroscience research into practical and supportive advice for parents and professionals connected to children, including those with special needs.



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