Top 5 Protective Factors for Healthy Families


I had a conversation recently with Becky, a LCMFT in our agency.  It made me realize that many of the stresses that families have (including my own) are not going to be fixed any time soon.  Challenges like poverty, long-term illness, a history of trauma, social isolation, disabilities, and  loss of loved ones, are not likely to be changed with intervention.  Instead of focusing on the stressors, Becky suggested, we can focus on the assets that any family can gain, the protective factors that create more positive, adaptive, and healthy outcomes, even in the midst of risk and adversity.  Here are the top 5 steps that parents can take to protect their families.

5: Build the social-emotional competence of the children.

4: Ask for concrete help in times of need.

3: Learn about parenting strategies and child development.

2: Establish and maintain social connections.

1: Develop resilient responses to stress.

For a great explanation of each one, look here…


And for fun, printable pages of the protective factors, go to…




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